A crime fighter and community champion, getting results for Tulsa

  • Former head of the Tulsa Crime Prevention Network
  • Six years delivering for Tulsa in the state House
  • Proven track record of working to strengthen education, bolster small businesses and neighborhoods, improve roads and bridges, and keep us safe

• Principled & Experienced Leader
• Mom
• Businesswoman

Why I’m Running

“I want to keep fighting for Tulsa and make it the best it can be. My commitment is that I will listen to all sides, be accountable for my actions and be honest about where I stand.”

– Carol Bush

Meet Carol

Carol Bush gets results for Tulsa

Crime Fighter

Carol served a decade as executive director of the Tulsa Crime Prevention Network, the nonprofit that puts police and neighbors together to make us safe. Carol supports our Tulsa Police and first responders, and she knows that great cities are safe cities.

Community Champion

Carol represented Tulsa for six years (2016-22) in the state House. She increased teacher pay, eliminated the statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse, and voted for every small business bill, earning a 100% rating from the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Native Tulsan

A native Tulsan, Carol loves to cycle, travel and spend time with her husband, Jeff Harrison. She has two adult daughters, Moriah and Nicole. For 17 years she owned and operated several retail stores, before turning to public service. Carol is a graduate of Oral Roberts University.

Carol Bush

Tulsa City Council


Carol Bush: Standing for our Tulsa values

Carol has a proven track record of fighting crime, championing our community and getting results. As your city councilor, she will be a voice of reason – and tough when it’s required.

● Support law enforcement for safe neighborhoods

● Stand for local control of our schools for a better education

● Fight for fewer rules and regulations to help small businesses

● Work to improve roads and drive economic development

● Tackle homelessness and help those in need

• Principled & Experienced Leader
• Mom
• Businesswoman